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Matchbook is an online sports betting exchange design for the professional and savvy sports bettor. Their main goal is to return the maximum amount of value to the punter and to become a similarly significant player in the European and Asian betting markets that begins with the launch of multi-lingual and multi-currency site. One of the key elements of an exchange bookie is liquidity which Matchbook tries to ensure this by offering competitive prices while only taking a relatively low commission. The range of sports is limited but they include the mainstream European betting markets. It also offers casino features and live betting facility. Matchbook applies the following commissions below on each bet you place.

  • 1.25% commission on all posted offers.

  • 1.25% commission on all accepted offers.

This commission rate will be applied to the win amount (profit) on winning bets. For losing bets, it will be applied to the lesser of the stake or potential profit/liability amount.