Why you should bet on a foreign bookmaker

Here are some of the advantages of choosing foreign bookmakers as compared to your local bookmakers. Pinbet, a.k.a. Pinnacle is one of the most reliable bookmakers available to date and has a strong reputation in the online gaming all over the world. There are many reasons to choose Pinbet for betting such as getting the best value odds, welcome policy for winners, higher limits and overall trust among pro bettors. Pinbet offers higher odds and limit than any other bookmakers. This is why it is the most loved bookmaker of pro punters across many countries. As an example below is a computation of what you can earn from betting on the best odds at Pinnacle Sports. Stake amount per bet: 1000 EUR Pinnacle 1000 x...

The top bookmakers as of 2017

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These are the top bookmakers to place your bets Not all bookies are created equal. Some are licensed, while some are still… well, trying to get their business licensed from a legitimate jurisdiction. To allay some fears, we made a list of some of the top bookmakers to date. Our criteria are based on the following: 1.) the bookie must be licensed; 2.) the bookie is well-known in the industry; 3.) the bookie has top-notch security; 4.) the bookie has a wide selection of games and matches; 5.) the bookie is operating for at least five years or more. The longer the better. These criteria are a work in progress. If you think we miss something or you’d like to add more from the selection,...

Manage your sports betting money

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How to better manage your sports betting money Betting Level: Beginner to Intermediate If you’re a casual sports bettor, you may not make a fuss about how you’re spending your money. Occasional losses can make you think you’re doing just fine with your betting money. But if you want to up your game and become a pro bettor, or if you’re already a pro bettor juggling funds on different bookies to bet on the best odds and highest stake limits, it’s a different story. You have to have efficient strategies in managing your sports betting funds across different bookmakers. What’s better is, if you have someone else to manage it for you and not have to worry about it. Having a system to account for...