These are the top bookmakers to place your bets

Not all bookies are created equal. Some are licensed, while some are still… well, trying to get their business licensed from a legitimate jurisdiction.

To allay some fears, we made a list of some of the top bookmakers to date. Our criteria are based on the following: 1.) the bookie must be licensed; 2.) the bookie is well-known in the industry; 3.) the bookie has top-notch security; 4.) the bookie has a wide selection of games and matches; 5.) the bookie is operating for at least five years or more. The longer the better.

These criteria are a work in progress. If you think we miss something or you’d like to add more from the selection, feel free to comment below so we can include the bookie!

The top bookmakers as of 2017


If you’re looking for the most comprehensive sports odds, SBOBET is the place to go. With over 500 sporting events every week, it’s hard to miss your favourite sports. SBOBET offers bets on football, basketball, baseball, tennis, horse racing, golf, darts, and even casino and games. However, SBOBET’s most popular sport is soccer so if you’re a soccer fanatic, SBOBET is also a good option. SBOBET offers bigger limits in soccer, while basketball and other sporting events only have small limits. Have you tried SBOBET, yet?


Pinnacle boasts of its high-end security, and with that, it’s one of the most trusted and top bookmakers available to date. Professional punters consider Pinnacle as the best sports book because of its fantastic odds, handicaps, limits, and margins. In fact, Pinnacle needs no further introduction as it is hugely popular among professional bettors. Pinnacle offers matches with better odds and limits on Americans sports like basketball, baseball, American football and hockey. Most of the games offered in this book has Multiple Lines. Pinnacle can give 3 – 5 lines in handicap and Over/Under for soccer games. As if that’s not enough, Pinnacles also has tennis, martial arts, and rugby. How’s your experience with Pinnacle, so far?


Do you enjoy betting on live games? Then, Maxbet is no doubt the perfect bookie for you. Maxbet, formerly known as IBCBET is the top bookmaker when it comes to live games. It remains to be unparalleled to date, that is why Maxbet is heralded as the number one betting website for live games in the entire betting universe. To have this prestige speaks to the huge customer satisfaction it receives today.

Maxbet offers mostly soccer games, including small leagues like U17, and U19 matches. There’s also basketball, hockey, tennis, and baseball. If racing is your thing, Maxbet offers bets on Formula 1, cycling, greyhound and horse racing. There’s no shortage of selection at Maxbet. Try it out using your Asianconnect account to see how it works.


Singbet is one of the independent books but it has the best odds and highest limits. Singbet offers most football leagues and events both in pre-match and in-play. Singbet is a totally different bookmaker as compared to the rest because it has a 60% fighting, so all bets will be multiplied (*) to 0.40 to see the actual price of the bet. Customers like this for the thrill of it. Do you like Singbet?


BETISN offers excellent lines with competitive odds, making it one of the top bookmakers. BETISN usually covers football/soccer, baseball and basketball matches only. Most of the time, it offers odds that are better, or at least equal to SBO. If you’ve enjoyed SBO, you can enjoy BETISN too.


Matchbook is popular for its horse racing within the Asian market. Some see this as rather limiting, but if you don’t want to be bothered by other sports, Matchbook can easily be a top bookmaker for your sports betting needs, especially horse racing. Occasionally, Matchbook can include some of the mainstream European betting markets. Matchbook is similar to Betfair – both are betting exchange books.

Matchbook charges a small 1% commission on each bet you place. This commission rate will be applied to the win amount (profit) on winning bets. For losing bets, it will be applied to the lesser of the stake or potential profit/liability amount.


GA288 copies all of SBOBET major leagues but GA288 still chooses what matches to offer. GA288 has two styles of Platform. These are the SBO and MAXBET platform. GA288 offers soccer only so this appeals to the more hard-core soccer fans, otherwise, you’ll be better off with other bookies. Still, though, GA288 is a good alternative to other bookmakers you’re used to.

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Asianconnect is the most trusted account management tool in Asia. With almost 20 years of experience, Asianconnect is the ultimate destination for everyone who wants a complete sports experience.

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