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Asianconnect88 Best Sports Brokerage

Asianconnect88 is one of the best sport brokerages in the Asian betting market. It was founded 2006 and continues to innovate by offering Skype betting and the option to make payments and withdrawals using the virtual currency bitcoin. A betbroker places bet on behalf of its customers. It strives to get the best odds, high limits and payouts.

A good brokerage will find flexible stake sizes through its partner bookmakers. The amount that can be bet will meet the needs of high rollers and smaller staking customers. The best brokers will ensure the customer receives the best betting experience possible by offering exclusive services including brokerage betting, live betting, multiple accounts and the facility to place bets from anywhere.

A customer looking for a bet broker will have certain requirements including several online betting accounts, horse racing betting including laying and backing, real time soccer odds and an automated betting interface. The last facility means customers don’t need to sit in front of a computer screen to place and verify bets. This application can execute automatically bets at the desired odds.

The asianconnect bet brokerage began by offering added services like Asian handicap lines which were not normally seen in the European betting market. These fresh market attracted more European punters to the Asian betting scene. Asianconnect’s bet brokers work wit trusted sportsbooks. One of the company’s best innovations was Skype betting and they have also introduced betting using the virtual currency, bitcoin.